One of the oldest cities in Europe, Porto dates back to 300 BC, when the Proto Celtic and Celtic people were living in the area. It was also named the Best European Destination in 2014 and 2017 by the Best European Destinations Agency. Its most popular export, port wine, was named after the city. 

With delights such as the francesinha, (a beef, ham, and sausage sandwich covered in cheese and gravy with an egg on top) and cachorrinhos (little hot dogs covered in butter and melted cheese), you will have plenty of reason to hit up all the restaurants you see. But to dine delightfully hands-free, drop off your bags at a luggage storage locker in Porto first. 

Traditional Cuisine

  • Brasao Restaurants

If you want the best in Porto, head to one of the three Brasao Restaurants. No matter which one you go to, they are all known for their amazing francesinha sandwich. Try the pickled capers with olives or one of their thick juicy steaks. Chocolate truffle with a glass of Porto wine is the perfect ending. 

  • Gazela Cachorrinhos da Batalha

To get great cachorrinhos, go to Gazela Cachorrinhos da Batalha. After all, it is in their name so they must be the best. Crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, this breaded sausage cut into bite-sized pieces is ridiculously delicious. The Flemish cheese is so creamy, and the bun is brushed with hot sauce.  

  • Bira dos Namorados 

Whether you want the francesinha, cachorrinhos, cod burger, or some other Portuguese dish, you can get it at Bira dos Namorados. The menu is extensive, with appetizers, bowls, burgers, and more. Save room for the cheesecake for dessert. 

Seafood Restaurants

  • Bulha Bolhão 

For the best Polvo à lagareiro (octopus with potatoes), Bulha Bolhão is the place to go. Both tender and crisp, the seafood is fresh, and the cooks know exactly how to make it taste perfect! The garlic shrimp and seafood rice are also well-loved. And be sure to try the brownies for dessert. 

  • Ostras & Coisas 

When the locals eat there, you know the food is good. Ostras & Coisas is always packed so it has to be delicious. The freshest seafood locally caught is always the best, and that is what they have. The oysters, scallops, and flounder are all terrific and the codfish fritters are a must. The Pudim de Ovos is a perfect dessert to end with.

  • Marisqueira do Porto 

Marisqueira do Porto is known for its crab, lobster, and sardines. No matter how you want it cooked, the talented chefs will make it however you ask. In fact, they will even give it to you raw. Try the octopus braised in squid ink and wine with black rice

Cheap Eats

  • Curb

This five-star burger joint is known for having the best burger in Porto at the best price. The thick and juicy hamburgers are seasoned perfectly and have a delicious sauce on amazing homemade brioche buns. They specialize in burgers (many different kinds) and fries, so they are able to put their all into each bite.

  • Pregar 

Pregar is one of the friendliest little establishments in town and they have a stellar menu. The mustard steak sandwich is well liked by the locals and they also make excellent tuna tataki. You can even get a decent francesinha with fries. Pair your meal with a nice selection of wine or they even have champagne. 

  • Mesa 325

The food you get at Mesa 325 looks like it came from an expensive restaurant so you will be surprised at the cheap prices. Try any dish, from eggs and French toast for breakfast to a fantastic array of sandwiches or smoked salmon for dinner. They even have a dog who is very fur-iendly. 

Fine Dining

  • Antiqvvm

Fine dining at its finest can be found at Antiqvvm. Chef Vitor creates delicious and unique dishes to delight everyone. From royal pigeon to wagyu with veal and mushroom consommé, they earned their Michelin star. But the tasting menu is the best idea, where you get each tiny dish served up in style. 

  • Pedro Lemos 

Another delightful establishment, Pedro Lemos is right near the Douro River in a stone house, giving it a homey atmosphere. But it is the food that earned them the Michelin star. Try the squid with watercress, black pork with lentils, duck foie gras, or bluefin tuna with enoki. They also have a vegetarian menu.

  • Casa de Chá da Boa Nova 

Right along the coast of Leca da Palmeira, Casa de Chá da Boa Nova will dazzle your sight as well as your tastebuds. Their Michelin star was well-earned with two tasting menus. They each have 21 tastes from mussel eclairs to scarlet shrimp. The vegetarian menu boasts Jerusalem artichoke and potato tartlets.  


  • Cremosi

For a delicious ice cream sundae or a waffle topped with ice cream and fruit, go to Cremosi. One of the delights here is the chocolate with peach dessert topped with berries and orange sorbet. Their gelato comes in many delightful flavors including caramel, coconut, and cheesecake. 

  • Nata 

Nata has several locations in Porto for you to choose from and they all make excellent tarts, pies, and ice cream. You can get a sandwich or sausage if you want a meal before dessert. But they are best known for their delectable pastel de nata (egg tarts). Don’t miss the Pão de Ló de Ovar (Portuguese sponge cake).

  • Doce Alto 

The cakes at Doce Alto are legendary so you should stop in at least once while you are in Porto. Whether you are looking for a donut or croissant for breakfast or a delicious cupcake or fruit torte, they have it all. They even serve sandwiches, baguettes, and other foods if you need a meal first.  

If you are the sort of person who loves to try new foods when you visit a foreign city, Portos is perfect. From the francesinha to the pastel de nata, Portuguese cuisine is savory and full of flavor. No matter what you have, try a glass of Porto wine with it. After all, it is named after the beautiful city.