As of 2017, there were¬†1,313 businesses¬†categorized as “Convention and Trade Show Organizers” in Canada. This includes all types of event planners except for wedding and concert planners. Hosting events can be rewarding, but it can be tough to get right.¬†

If you want to host the perfect private event either for a business or for a personal gathering, choosing the right venue is key. By understanding your options and choosing the right location, your attendees are more likely to have an enjoyable time while in attendance.

Here are 8 great places you should consider hosting private events.

1. Restaurants and Bars

One of the best types of venues for hosting small private events is anywhere you can eat or drink. This could be a fancy restaurant or a bar or nightclub. It also could also include breweries, wineries, distilleries, and other similar venues. 

Although these venues are on the smaller side,¬†many provide an intimate experience that will be comfortable and memorable. They’re also very¬†convenient since your guests will be able to eat amazing food and drink cocktails while in attendance.¬†If you’re in Hamilton, ON, for example, you may want to consider the lobby Hamilton Restaurant¬†for your next private event.

2. Convention Centers

A convention center or conference center can be a great choice for hosting larger events. These venues are made specifically to host events and are well-equipped for doing so. They’ll usually accommodate hundreds or thousands of guests with ease, making them perfect for an industry conference or a corporate gathering.

Convention centers offer a lot of flexibility and often have overnight lodging available as well as various types of meeting spaces. They also offer a lot of amenities that will help you provide the best possible experience to your guests.

Similarly, you may also want to try a retreat center. These venues are also large and flexible and tend to have a lot of amenities in place. They’re also usually in relaxing, natural areas with a lot of greenery around. They can work well for certain types of corporate events as well as other specialty events that you may be interested in hosting.

3. Hotels

If you want to host a private event, then hotels and resorts are also good options to consider. Many hotels have meeting spaces and event halls that will work for parties of various sizes.

Hotels can be ideal if attendees are coming from out of town to attend the event. There will be lodging and accommodations on-site that they can make use of during their stay. This will add a lot of convenience for your guests and will make them as comfortable as possible.

Hotels may also have other useful amenities as well. In many cases, there will be restaurants, stores, and other facilities on-site for attendees to make use of.

4. Arts Venues

Many types of events can be hosted at arts venues including art galleries, theaters, museums, and more. These venues usually have a reasonable amount of space available. They’re also creative spaces that are interesting to use. 

Attendees can view an art exhibition at a gallery during your event or spend time in a museum among interesting surroundings. A theater, on the other hand, can make it easy to host presentations or performances during your event. While they’re not the right choice for every type of event, arts venues can work well for certain types of gatherings.

5. Golf Courses and Country Clubs

Golf courses, country clubs, and sports clubs can also be great options for hosting an event and making it comfortable for guests to attend. These venues usually feature a clubhouse and various meeting spaces where you can host your private party or company event. They can work well for networking, hosting charity fundraisers, or other purposes.

With lots of space available at a golf course and in these other venues, you’re likely to have space for both small and large parties to attend. Consider using one of these spaces if you want to host a comfortable private gathering.

6. Community Centers

If you’re on a budget and hosting a small event, community centers are well worth considering. There are many community centers all over the country that provide excellent spaces for meetings or for small personal parties. However, there won’t be a lot of amenities when compared to a hotel or another type of event space. 

These are usually very affordable and won’t break the bank too much. You’ll be able to have a suitable space to host your event with little overhead. You’ll usually only need to pay a reasonable hourly rate to book one of these spaces.

7. Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are more than just places for learning. They offer great accommodations for private events as well. With many meeting spaces, event halls, theaters, and other spaces available, colleges can be an excellent choice for a private event of any kind. 

Prices are usually fairly affordable at colleges and universities. There’s a good chance that you’ll find a space that’s right for your type of event, even if you don’t have a large budget. 

8. Stadiums

If you’re hosting a massive private event with 100,000 attendees or more, then you might need to consider a stadium rental instead of one of these other options. Stadiums aren’t very limited in size and can be an excellent place to host a large concert, sporting event, or another type of entertainment. 

If you have a big budget and a big event to host, stadiums will offer everything you need. While there’s definitely a barrier to entry when using a stadium for a private event, it’s an option that’s worth considering for those who are planning something a bit larger and more extravagant. 

Choosing Venues for Private Events

If you want to host private events that your attendees love and that help you meet your business or personal goals, then consider the venues listed above.

Restaurants, hotels, convention centers, community centers, and colleges can all be great options. The needs of every private event are different, however, so be sure to choose a venue that aligns well with your event size and its purpose.

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